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Accomodation – Bohinj

All information about accommodation and also about other tourist possibilities or programs is provided by our partner agency KOMPAS BLED. For any special requirements or requests address directly Mr. Martin Merlak (chief of accommodation – OC Pokljuka). They will also confirm all your accommodation requests.

Tourist agency KOMPAS BLED
Phone:  + 386 4 5727 500
Ljubljanska cesta 4 Fax:      + 386 4 5741 518
SI-4260 Bled E-mail:
Slovenia Web:

Accommodation on special terms is available in the following hotels, hostels, apartments and camps in Bohinj. Please see our SPECIAL OFFER.

Category Special

Bohinj Park Eco Hotel***** Triglavska 17, Boh. Bistrica

Category A

Hotel JEZERO**** Ribčev Laz 51, Boh. jezer

Hotel BOHINJ**** Ribčev Laz 45, Boh. jezero

Hotel KRISTAL**** Ribčev Laz 4a, Boh. jezero

Category B

Hotel CENTER BOHINJ SLOVENIJA*** Ribčev Laz 50, Boh. jezero

Hotel ZLATOROG*** Ukanc 65, Bohinjsko jezero

Hotel TRPIĆ*** Triglavska 13, Boh. Bistrica


Garni Penzion GAŠPERIN Ribčev Laz 36a, Boh. jezero

Penzion RESJE Nemški Rovt 21a, Boh. Bistrica

Penzion LIPA Stara Fužina 19, Boh. jezero

Penzion ROŽIČ Ribčev Laz 42, Boh. jezero

Penzion VILA BISTRICA Mencingerjeva 24, Boh. Bistirca

Penzion STARE Ukanc 128, Bohinjsko jezero

Penzion CERKOVNIK Stara Fužina 11, Boh. jezero

Gostišče ERLAH Ukanc 67, Bohinjsko jezero

Penzion PARK Ukanc 129, Bohinjsko jezero


Hostel POD VOGLOM Ribčeva Laz 45, Boh. jezero

Hostel STUDOR 13 Studor 13, Srednja vas v Bohinju


Kamp DANICA Triglavska 60, Boh. Bistrica

Kamp ZLATOROG Ukanc 2, Bohinjsko jezero

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