Why Rudno Polje?

Rudno Polje is located on the Pokljuka Plateau and this year it is hosting the IBU World Cup Biathlon for the twenty-third time. In the 16th century, iron ore was mined and smelted in Pokljuka, and Rudno Polje (literally English meaning: ore field) has been named after its location.

The iron ore was mined in the whole Pokljuka area, and in addition, for almost 3000 years, Julian Alps were also an important strategic area because of rich and high quality iron deposits. Ferrous metallurgy is documented as early as in the Iron Age (800 B.C.), and reached the peak in Roman Era and in Middle Ages.

In the past, the Pokljuka was overgrown with beech-fir forest and alpine spruce. Most of the beech trees were cut down about 200 years ago, as they made charcoal for many ironworks in Bohinj, and later on, the afforestation included mainly spruce trees, which is why Pokljuka is now covered by coniferous forests.