Organizers of Biathlon events with a focus on social media and sustainable development

The Italian Anterselva hosted a meeting of organizers of all biathlon events under the auspices of the International Biathlon Union last weekend. In the process of modernization in the organization of competitions, the importance and use of social media and sustainable development were at the forefront this time.

The IBU also outlined the planned changes to the media rights and TV signal strategy. It will be crucial for the organizers to have significantly lower costs between 2022 and 2026.

The organizers of the IBU World Championships 2021 from Pokljuka met separately with representatives of the IBU and presented new spatial solutions for TV production during the World Championships. The large number of televisions that will report from the championships requires spatial changes on Pokljuka.

Next meeting OC meeting will be next year, the date is not known yet, but the meeting will probably take place in June, in Slovenia.