Makarainen claimes a new win without a missed shot

Kaisa Makarainen didn’t allow any doubt about today’s winner. She was in control throughout the whole race. Second place went to Italy’s Dorothea Wierer (+41.3), while Slovakia’s Paulina Fialkova crossed the finish line as a third (+59,2) after a tight duel with another Italian Lisa Vitozzi. Marte Olsbu Roeiseland ended in a fifth place and American Clare Egan sixth.


The Finn delivered superb performance again and was happy with the result: “This was an excellent race for many competitors from the top of the chart. Quite a few of us dropped all the targets. I really enjoyed it on the tracks, but I had to fight hard, since I knew that Dorothea is a faster shooter and she can always gain some seconds at the shooting range. You never know what might happen there, so I had to push hard on the tracks. I have to admit that I didn’t feel as strong on the tracks as I did yesterday, but luckily it was enough for the victory.”

Wierer, who kept the first place in the total score after claiming three podium positions at Pokljuka (Mixed Relay, Sprint, and Pursuit), admitted that it is hard to beat Kaisa when she shoots clean: “She is very strong on the tracks, so it’s practically impossible to beat her, if she cleans the shooting. I was constantly under the pressure when I saw that she didn’t miss a single shot, especially at the last stage, but I managed to clean it. I had very good skis today as well.”

Fialkova moved up from the sixth place after yesterday’s Sprint and was really satisfied with the first podium of the season: “I didn’t really expect to be that strong, so I am extremely happy and I’d like to thank all my coaches. I will try to keep the shape that I’m currently in for the next races, but you never know how it will turn out. It can continue to be as good, or it can turn for the bad. I felt very well on the tracks today. In the first four loops I still had some reserves, and then I stepped up, caught and overtake Lisa, what was enough for third place.

Almost 5,000 biathlon fans turned out today in the winter fairy tale of Pokljuka. Approximately 17,350 spectators came to see the thrilling biathlon races at this year’s competition. Next World Cup at Pokljuka will take place in January 2020 (20-26 January), while in February 2021 Pokljuka will host the World Championships. Mark the dates in your calendar book already today!