IBU confirms the World Cup in Pokljuka

IBU World Cup race director Borut Nunar confirmed today that Pokljuka is almost ready for the opening stage of the new season of BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon.

Borut Nunar was particularly interested in the condition of the ski tracks. Luckily the organizers though one step ahead and stored almost 20.000 cubic meters of snow from the last winter. The race director was satisfied and gave Pokljuka the green light for the competition: “The most important thing is that there is enough snow from last year and the tracks can be prepared with that. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the weekend is not the best, but it looks like it will get a lot colder after that. Everything looks to be all right. We can be really happy that nature helped us with lower temperatures just in the right time.”

“It is in the organizer’s best interest to prepare great conditions for the races. And it’s in our best interest to use that. The organizers are the one who worry the most if they will be able to carry out the competition. That motivates them to be better every year. And Pokljuka is not and exception. People come here and leave satisfied,” said Nunar.

The workers are now focused on covering all the necessary tracks for the eight competitions in five biathlon disciplines. The biathletes will come to Slovenia in the next week.

And we would like to invite you, dear fans, to join us and prepare an amazing athmosphere.

See you in Pokljuka!