Continuing venue preparations on Rudno polje

In the light of preparations for the World Championships Biathlon in February, work is continuing on the venue at Rudno polje in Pokljuka. Already last winter season, the competition tracks on Pokljuka were updated, which the competitors tested for the first time in January at the World Cup. Previously, Pokljuka was considered a demanding competition venue, but some changes made it even more interesting. According to some comments, new tracks have become even the most difficult ones among the venues of the biathlon World Cups. This means we can expect only better and more attractive fights of the best biathletes in the world.

Interventions on the tracks over the summer were minimal. They represented only minor works on soil, corrections of some tracks, in the bends of the tracks, levelling the ground and grassing. Such a base helps organizers in the winter season to minimize the possibility of stones on the tracks and possible damage to the competition equipment. The OC Pokljuka already receive praise for every competition for the preparation of competition tracks, and with these upgrades it will be even easier to prepare the best possible conditions for biathletes.

“Before last season, we changed a large part of the tracks. The reason is the development and needs of biathlon; knowing that our tracks have only widen in the most necessary places in the last twenty years, the changes were a must before home Championships. Last season, we thoroughly changed the tracks system and test it in January at World Cup. Competitors welcomed the new tracks with enthusiasm and awe. Their comments were that the routes are more demanding and, above all, wider, which makes it easier to overtake on downhills. The climbs are also one of the most challenging in the world. After the test and the responses of competitors, we further improved the tracks with correcting harsh turns, increase the bends in some turns, remove ground rocks and add soil … In this way we enable grassing new routes which means we will need less snow to cover the tracks. We have a few more works to do until the winter, but will definitely be done before the first snow, ” says Matej Kordež, the Chief of Competition.

In August, the redevelopment of the accumulation lake, which is the main source of water for snowmaking, is also taking place in Rudno polje. A new acquisition at Pokljuka is also a chapel of patroness Saint Barbara.