Cable cam for the first time in Pokljuka

This year’s competition in Rudno Polje is also the final test for the Slovenian National Television which will be responsible for broadcasting the 2021 IBU World Championships. 110 people cover this year’s races with 39 cameras.

This year, a cable cam is used for the first time. The cable cam covers the shooting range area and also, some 400 metres of the course. Moreover, two cameras with super slow motion are also an addition to the broadcasting. These cameras monitor the targets.

During the next year’s World Championships, we will work the same way,” told Lado Vindiš, experienced producer of Slovenian Television and a member of the Logistics Committee of OC Pokljuka.

We are actually making two programs, one multi program for everyone that paid television rights for biathlon, and another one for the national Slovenian National Television. For Slovenian program, we have three extra cameras, so we can more closely cover Slovenian athletes,” said the producer of Slovenian program.

Vindiš has been working as a producer for 34 years now, and in that time he oversaw many events. His 13 years journalism experience really helped him with that. The international production is supervised by Lucija Valenčak with the help by the operative producer Tomaž Pinterič.