Biathlon Centre Triglav Pokljuka is celebrating 10th Anniversary

10 years ago our Slovenian biathletes got their new biathlon stadium. With it the development of sport on Pokljuka was enabled. New sport center gave a chance to keep competitions of the highest rank on Pokljuka and has developed in much more than just a regular sports center over the years. Last weekend all the most important actors of renovation has gathered on Rudno polje. This renovation made it possible to candidate for upcoming IBU World Championship Biathlon in 2021.

A decade ago, Pokljuka was at risk of losing the BMW IBU World Cup because of inadequate infrastructure. They needed new, modern sport center, but because of high environmental standards of the Triglav National Park, the construction was really difficult.

On October 13, 2009 biathletes finally got their new capacities for trainings and competitions. They get partly lighted roller-skating and cross-country skiing track, modern hotel, sauna, fitness center, stadium with shooting range and tribunes and big parking.

During the renovation of biathlon center on Pokljuka, one of the biggest problems, mostly because of the artificial snow, was nature-friendly consumption of water. With new cleaning device and eco-friendly handling with water stocks they managed to place biathlon center into a sensitive environment of the Triglav National Park.

Renovated sport center became one of the most important tourist points of municipalities Bled, Bohinj and Gorje. During the winter season Pokljuka offers great cross-country skiing tracks for professional and unprofessional skiers and during other parts of the year, Pokljuka is mostly visited because of a great starting point for mountaineering and cycling tours and, of course because of mushroom season.

But the biathlon center is in constant development. During last 10 years minor corrections were made constantly and they have plans to make some more for IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021.

Former president of Ski Association of Slovenia, Stanislav Valant, remembered the times a decade ago and pointed out the desire, support and persistence functionaries had on Ski Association of Slovenia that they created such projects as construction of Sport Centre Triglav Pokljuka was.

Current director of Ski Association of Slovenia, Franci Petek, pointed out a value of sport centres on Pokljuka, in Planica and on Rogla which were renovated during leadership of Stanislav Valant. He also urged all the holders of important functions of Ski Association of Slovenia to help with new challenges ahead.