282 competitors in Pokljuka

during IBU Biathlon World Championships 2021 Pokljuka, on February 14, 2021 in Rudno Polje, Pokljuka, Slovenia. Photo by Matic Klansek Velej / Sportida

As many as 31 countries will be represented at the BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup in Pokljuka from 4 to 8 January 2023. The list of biathletes for the fourth venue of the 2022/23 season includes 138 biathletes and 144 biathletes. In addition to the 282 athletes, there will be an extended support staff of 310 people at Rudno polje.


Biathlon in Pokljuka is pushing the boundaries and fans will be able to watch top performances from biathlon male and female athletes from 31 countries from Thursday to Sunday. Germany, Italy, Norway and Sweden will have the most representatives in the women’s competition with eight each. Seven athletes will defend the Slovenian national colours. In the men’s biathlon, Slovenia will have five competitors, with Norway, Sweden and Germany making up the largest number of competitors with eight.


As an interesting fact, competitors from more exotic biathlon countries such as Australia, Moldova, Belgium and Mongolia will also try to break or beat the targets and the challenging Pokljuka courses.


Among the cross-country snipers who will be getting most of the attention are the French overall leader Julia Simon and Slovenia’s Anamarija Lampič, a newcomer to this year’s World Cup caravan. For the men, the spotlight will be on the top three, Norway’s Johannes Thingnes Boe, currently the world’s leading biathlete, his compatriot Sturlo Holm Laegreid and France’s Emilien Jacquelin. But the spotlight will also be on home hero Jakov Fak.

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