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28 January 2017

88 biathletes started in the sprint competition at the IBU Junior Cup in Pokljuka. Kiril Streltsov, from Russia, who did not compete yesterday, was the fastest on the track and even if he he did miss 2 targets he was on top of the podium today. He now also leads the overall classification.


Ondrej Šantora from the Czech Republic was 9.2 seconds behind (with one missed shot) and Anton Dudchenko was 15.6 seconds behind the winner, he also had to go to the penalty loop once.


The best Slovene athlete was Mitja Drinovec on 15th place with 2 missed shots (+59.8).



1. Kiril Streltsov (Russia)                  26:27.7 (2) 

2. Ondrej Šantora (Czech Republic)  +9.2 (1)

3. Anton Dudchenko (Ukraine)         +15.6 (1)

4. Nazarii Tsebrynskyi (Ukraine)       +16.1 (0) 

5. Milan Žemlička (Czech Republic)  +18.1 (0)

6. Hugo Rivail (France)                     +29.3 (1)