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28 January 2017

4 races and 4 wins for Russia at the IBU Junior Cup in Pokljuka. Ekaterina Moshkova was fast on the track and even with one penalty managed to beat France's Myrtille Begue for 0.3 seconds. Begue shot clean today. Another member of the Russian team was on the podium – Natalia Ushkina. She also had to run additional 150 meters.


Fans enjoyed the warm and sunny weather and were satisfied with the performance of Urška Poje. The 19-year old Slovene already has some experience in the World Cup and was especially happy with her shooting performance. She shot clean, just like yesterday in the single mixed relay.


1. Ekaterina Moshkova (Russia) 22:45.5 (1) 

2. Myrtille Begue (France)         +0.3 (0) 

3. Natalia Ushkina (Russia)        +7.0 (1) 

4. Anna Kryvonos (Ukraine)        +12.4 (1)

5. Urška Poje (Slovenia)             +30.2 (0)

6. Camille Bened (France)          +39.0 (0) 


Tomorrow two more sprints are scheduled. Men start at 10.00 and women at 13.00.