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10 December 2012
Pokljuka is counting down - 3 more days

While the last teams are arriving to Pokljuka, the organizers of the E.ON IBU World Cup Biathlon hold a press conference to present the happenings at the third station of the 2012 World Cup.


In the men's competition 130 competitors are registered, in the women’s 120. Due to all the restrictions and quotas not all of them will be able to compete in the sprint competition. Tracks in Pokljuka are fully prepared with artificial snow and natural snow, that has whitened Rudno polje in recent days, mostly took care of the beautiful natural scenery, which will surely attract even greater number of spectators. We have over 10,000 cubic meters of snow, the preparations were in the last two weeks really cruel. We started with the making of artificial snow on November 28, and ended last Friday. We spent over 8000 cubic meters of water, said the vice president of the organizing committee Peter Zupan.


Pokljuka is ready and waiting only for spectators. They will be able to come to the venue with free buses from in front of the ice hall in Bled, ticket for each day of the event costs ten Euros. Entry to the stadium for children under ten years of age accompanied by parents is free of charge.